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Max Planck Institute of Economics
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Staff of the Max Planck Institute

Prof. Dr. Ulrich Witt

[Prof. Dr. Ulrich Witt]

Prof. Dr. Ulrich Witt

Director Evolutionary Economics Group and
Professor for Economics, Department of Economics,
University of Jena, Germany
Max Planck Institute of Economics,
Evolutionary Economics Group
Kahlaische Straße 10
D-07745 Jena
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This page is not maintained anymore since january 2014.

Curriculum Vitae

Ulrich Witt is the Director of the Evolutionary Economics Group at the Max Planck Institute of Economics which he founded in 1995 after joining the Max Planck Society and Honorary Professor of Economics at the University of Jena. His research interests are in the conceptual basis of an evolutionary approach which he applies in several fields of economics, focusing on the historical transformations and the endogenous changes that occur. Witt got his PhD in economics from the University of Göttingen and his habilitation with a thesis on the “Individualistic Foundations of Evolutionary Economics” from the University of Mannheim where he was appointed professor in economics in 1986. After a visiting professor position at the University of Southern California, Los Angeles, he took over a chair for theoretical economics at the University of Freiburg, Germany in 1988 and became director of the Institute for Research into Economic Evolution. 1993-94 he served as the Dean of the Faculty of Economics in Freiburg.

Witt is a frequent plenary speaker at international conferences and has published more than a hundred research papers in leading scholarly journals and renown books and has written and edited altogether twelve books. He received several fellowships, among others a Heisenberg-Fellowship from the German Research Fund (DFG) and a Thyssen-Foundation Fellowship at the Santa Fe Institute. He was awarded the William F. Kapp Prize of the European Association for Evolutionary Political Economy and served as Honorary Visiting ESRC Professor at the Centre for Research on Innovation and Competition, University of Manchester 1997-99. In 2003 he received a honorary doctorate degree from the University of Witten-Herdecke. Recently he was appointed honorary member of the Japan Association for Evolutionary Economics.

Selected Publications

Editorial and Advisory Academic Services

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